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Handling Nets

The K.N.S. Nets

As we previously mentioned on our Introduction to Handling Nets - these K.N.S. nets are a relative new comer to the British Market .. and we first saw these in the Spring of 2002 and we were extremely impressed with the quality of these Nets and Handles. So much so that we simply had to include these in our stock range .. 

There is only One Word that we can possibly use to describe these Nets - 'Superb' and truly sound value for money ... One of the best made range of Nets that we have seen for a long, long time ...  You can buy any one of the nets from the range and we are sure that you will be more than satisfied and delighted ...  They are extremely well made and strong and will stand up to the job that they are required to do ...

Just two sizes available at this time - but will we are sure cope with any situation which will enable you to catch the fish quickly and safely, without causing too much stress to the fish ... we are sure that the range of the K.N.S nets and handles will increase over the coming months and we will be delighted to include any new additions to you as they are introduced.

We can supply you with just the Net head which will fit onto any 'click fitting' handle you may have - or of course you can also buy one of the superb and strong handles which are available ..

All Nets and components on these K.N.S. nets are British made.

K.N.S Standard Koi Pond Nets and Handles
SKU Description


NR22H 22" Hexamesh Net Head only with 'Click Fitting' 29.22 + Vat Order
NR30H 30" Hexamesh Net Head only with 'Click Fitting' 38.35 + Vat Order

SKU Description


VEP-148 4 ft extendable 1.25" pole extends to 8 ft 19.30 + Vat Order
VEP-612 6 ft extendable 1.25" pole extends to 12 ft 24.37 + Vat Order


Telescopic Net Poles to fit above if preferred:
Koi Socks / Transfer Tubes:

The finest of all the Koi Socks / Transfer Tubes we have ever seen are now available direct from us and having secured these Koi Transfer Tubes or Socks as they are sometimes known, for our customers, which are superb in every respect with a quality that far excels any other on the market, including the Genuine Japanese Ones - we are sure that these will be the choice of everyone from the Professional Koi Keepers and Dealers right down to the Garden Pond Hobbyists .... Strength is the Word for these Transfer Tubes .. and for those who may not know the purpose of these special and strange looking nets ..  these are used to lift the Koi safely from the pond / bowl and allows you to transfer that Koi without causing damage, without the danger of dropping it, to another tank /pond or bowl ... 

The Koi is netted Head first, if possible, into the tube and pulled along under the Koi until the Koi, or any other fish, is safely inside and then it is a matter of gripping the end of the tube so that the fish does not drop out of the other end, as this end is open, and lifting it clear of the water and taking it to where you wish to place the fish ... Then it is a very simple matter of holding the net using the handle over the water to where it is is being transferred allowing the open end of the net to hang into the water and releasing your grip  .. the fish will then gently slide out of the open end ..

SKU Description


16/56KHN 16" x 56" long 20.43 + Vat Order
10/CULL 10" Diameter Culling Net 12.76 + Vat Order


Lovely Koi Ornaments and Gift Ware


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