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Blagdon Standard Black Fine Cover Net.....

Blagdon Black Fine cover net is ideal for keeping those horrid falling leaves of autumn from falling into the pond and creating water quality problems. This netting is also a helping hand for keeping away unwanted visitors such as cats and pesky herons.

Blagdon Black Fine Cover Net has been constructed from single strand Black nylon, and the nets are available in 6 sizes. Blagdon net is supplied complete with pegs.

SKU Description


BPCN-0132 3m x 2m Fine Black Cover Net From Blagdon 5.71 + Vat Order
BPCN-0143 4m x 3m Fine Black  Cover Net From Blagdon 10.24 + Vat Order
BPCN-0163 6m x 3m Fine Black Cover Net From Blagdon 13.55 + Vat Order
BPCN-0164 6m x 4m Fine Black Cover Net From Blagdon 16.56 + Vat Order
BPCN-0165 6m x 5m Fine Black Cover Net From Blagdon 19.89 + Vat Order
BPCN-0170 6m x 10m Fine Black Cover Net From Blagdon 31.33 + Vat Order

Carriage Charge to The U.K Mainland are 10.00 Inc VAT, Less where possible......

Blagdon Pond Nets.....

Blagdon nets have long been a popular budget net sold in garden centres. Because of the economic times we have now decided to incorporate four of the most popular sizes into our product range. Also available from us are the most popular Blagdon net handles.


SKU Description


BPN1-0235 35cm Square Net Head 10.24 + Vat Order
BPN1-0240 40cm Triangular Net Head 9.33 + Vat Order
BPN1-0245 45cm Koi Pan Net Head 11.14 + Vat Order
BPN1-0255 55cm Koi Flat Inspection Net Head 11.14 + Vat Order
BPN2-0312 120cm Fixed Handle 9.10 + Vat Order
BPN2-0318 180cm Fibreglass Handle 23.10 + Vat Order
BPN2-0323 230cm Telescopic Handle 17.50 + Vat Order

Carriage Charges will be applied to these Items but kept to a minimum




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