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The ERK (East Riding Koi) offices will be closed from 11th to 21st February. All orders placed on line during that time will be processed on Monday 22nd February.


Cygnet Aquatic Heater from Elecro

Analogue Control Thermostat
Stainless Steel Flow Tube with Titanium Element
Complete With Power Lead
Available in 1-kW to 4-kW
Compact and easy to use

Winter is fast approaching so now is the time to seriously consider covering and heating you're pond. Here at ERK we have several options to help you do this without 'breaking the bank'
Heating you're pond through the cold months of the year makes it an easier transition for both the pond and you're Koi to step into Spring fit, healthy and with their immune systems working in full order. As any fish keeper knows Spring is the most difficult time of the year to keep free of those nasty bacterial infections that just love lower temperatures...
Take a look at the new Elecro Cygnet Aquatic Heater. This heater is user-friendly and offers ‘plug & play’ installation for the 1 to 3-kW models. If you happen to require the 4-kW this must be installed by a qualified electrician.
All the models in this range can be vertically wall mounted or stand on the floor.
Our Solar Blanket and Solar Weave to cover the pond and keep that precious heat in comes direct off the roll so you buy as much or as little as you require. Or we also supply a Bespoke made cover (bare in mind these do take a little longer).


Winter Foods.

Once the water temperature falls below 10deg C it's time for a change in you're feeding regime. A good wheat-germ based food is essential. Wheat-germ is highly digestible, so on the warmer winter days when you're Koi are up and around looking for a feed make sure it is wheat-germ one that you provide.

Take a look at our Dia Suki All Seasons


Fish Food Solutions Wheat-germ (Winter Deal - Free P&P UK Mainland) on FFS products.

Pipework & Fittings



ABS or 'White Pressure Pipe' (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is superb and we can recommend this for any sort of installation. ABS combines the strength and rigidity of acrylonitrile and styrene polymers with the toughness of polybutadiene rubber.




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The Most Amazing and the Most controversial piece of equipment ever to be introduced



The Aquastar is far more than a Water Purification System - it is Guaranteed to kill every trace of Blanket Weed in any pond.

Unconditional Guarantee

We Guarantee that it will not Harm any of your Koi - If it did we would simply not produce it



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Surface Skimmers

These skimmer boxes can be built into the walls of a concrete pond. But can be used with a pond liner and the special kit to secure the skimmer box is an optional extra



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