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Spring is on its way so now is the time to think of getting ready for the warmer months hopefully to come!

A time for that all important maintenance program to be put in place. This should include filter and pond cleaning and replacing any old spent filter media. Checking all essential electrical equipment that has perhaps been turned off over the winter months. Changing UV tubes and cleaning quartz sleeves (carefully on this as quartz is not very forgiving)!

Perhaps a re-vamp of decking, pergolas and bridges round your pond? An ideal product for this will be P2 Superseal, totally none toxic to your precious fish so can be used in situ.

Making the transition from your winter feeding regime can sometimes be a laborious process and to encourage your fish to accept a higher value food start mixing a good quality summer food such as Dai Suki Response or Dai Suki Gold Growth in with your winter food for a few weeks, then just move on to all summer food.

Pipework & Fittings



ABS or 'White Pressure Pipe' (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is superb and we can recommend this for any sort of installation. ABS combines the strength and rigidity of acrylonitrile and styrene polymers with the toughness of polybutadiene rubber.




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The Most Amazing and the Most controversial piece of equipment ever to be introduced



The Aquastar is far more than a Water Purification System - it is Guaranteed to kill every trace of Blanket Weed in any pond.

Unconditional Guarantee

We Guarantee that it will not Harm any of your Koi - If it did we would simply not produce it



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Surface Skimmers

These skimmer boxes can be built into the walls of a concrete pond. But can be used with a pond liner and the special kit to secure the skimmer box is an optional extra



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