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Oase have brought to life two innovative new ways of using water to create a very special mood for your outdoor living space.

Water Trio and Water Quintet

Enjoy either of these superb fountains without having to worry about having space for a pond, they will make a dramatic statement even in the smallest of gardens.
Both units have individually controlled nozzles the fountin height and speed are selectable through permanently set programs via remote control: from 30 to 140cm. The light intensity comes from high quality LED rings in appealing white which also varies within the permanently set programs. Installation effort is minimal true to the Oase Plug n Spray principle.

The characteristics of these two products make them both an ideal choice for anyone who loves water movement.
Individually controlled water effects with either three or five illuminated nozzles with the LED technology in different levels of brightness, all this is easily achieved by remote control so you could even relax indoors whilst watching the superb fountain display in your garden.
Both of these fountains are mounted on a robust floor plate that protects them from damage with individual installation possibilities on different substrates, they can be connected to a timer so you can have the joy of water movement when and how you like to suit your timetable.

The Remote Control Unit Included In The Scope of Delivery Has a Range of Upto 80 Meters.

The Control Unit is Easy to Connect and Includes a transformer as well as a Ground Stake.

The individually controllable nozzles are easy to align and are illuminated in pleasant White LED's.

  • Easy to maintain and very energy efficient to run.

  • Including external controller, cable and transformer.

  • LED rings and pumps can be replaced individually. Both units are height adjustable so that the water level can vary by up to 15cm.

  • Water entertainment at its best!!

Water Trio & Water Quintet are height adjustable, so that the water level can vary by upto 15cm.

Simple handling of the Water Trio &  Quintet mean the LED Rings and pumps can be replaced individually.

Made from High-quality materials and appealing design - these are complete Water Entertainment.

Dimensions (LxWxH) 430 X 300 X 240 mm 430 X 300 X 240 mm
Jet Diameter 4.5 mm 4.5 mm
Jet Height Max 1.4 m 1.4 m
Cable Length (Connecting Cable) 8 m 8 m
Total Weight 4.5 kg 6.5 kg
12V Control Box: Water Trio Water Quintet
Dimensions (L x W x H) 215 X 180 X 305 mm 215 X 180 X 305 mm
Nominal Voltage (Input) 12V DC 12V DC
Remote Control Range Max 80 M 80 M
Weight 1.4 kg 1.4 kg
Number of Outlets 2 X 3 2 X 5
Power Consumption 40 W 50 W
Power Supply: Water Trio Water Quintet
Dimensions (L x W x H) 160 X 100 X 100 mm 160 X 100 X 100mm
Nominal Voltage (Primary/Secondary) 230V /50Hz/12V DC 230V/50Hz/12V DC
Weight 3.2 kg 3.2 kg
Cable Length (Secondary) 0.5 m 0.5 m
Cable Length (Primary) 2 m 2 m
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