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This floating water and light design will make any space look attractive, even small spaces can accommodate this equipment.

Water Starlet...

Oase Water Starlet creates a compact fascinating water effect. This compact floating water effect will enliven any terrace or garden – even where space is limited.The five nozzles including LED illuminated rings can be easily aligned individually and this will present different water patterns. The five integrated pumps as well as the LED lights are operated with power saving 12V transformer, which provides safe extra-low-voltage which means that the unit is not only very energy-efficient but can be operated with the utmost safety.

The unit can be cleverly used in floating implementation or it can be placed on the ground and fastened via lugs. Thanks to the Oase ‘Plug ‘n’ Spray concept installation and start up is particularly fast and easy.

The robust floor plate provides optimal protection against fouling, the illuminated nozzles are able to be aligned individually this will ensure a wide variety of exciting water patterns for you to create.

This fountain unit is easy low maintenance.

The complete set includes

  •  5 pumps

  •  5x6 white LED lights

  •  transformers

  •  10mtrs cable.

12V Transformer which makes the system very safe and energy efficient.

The perforated, robust floor plate provides optimal protection against fouling.

The Five LED Nozzles can be aligned individually and ensure a wide variety of patterns.


  Water Starlet
Dimensions (LxWxH) 330 X 270 X 135 mm
Nominal Voltage (Primary/Secondary) 230V/50Hz/12V/50Hz
Power Consumption 26 Watt
Jet Height Max 70 cm
Jet Diameter 3.7mm
Weight 3.8 kg
Cable Length (Connection Cable) 8m + 2m Transformer
Guarantees 2 Years
SKU Description


OASE-50255 Discontinued



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