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Experience the magic of Water Jet Lighting with the new little brother of the Jumping Jet Rainbow Star.

Water Jet Lighting...

This amazing domestic water display will delight any watcher, with its constant seemingly elastic fluid movement of water the display is a fascinating light and water show that up to now has only really been available to the commercial market. Rainbow Twin Pack is the ‘little brother’ of the Jumping Jet Rainbow Star and is available in a twin set, and is in a design that is just as attractive.

It features different permanently set programs that can be selected by remote control, these programs vary in jet length, white or colour changing light. The integrated LED light presents all RGB colours in the water jet in a seamless change of colour or if desired it can be fixed on a single colour.

Here as well there are versatile implementation possibilities: the high quality stainless steel base can be screwed onto different substrates, this prevents the device from tipping over and it can be adjusted to the desired angle.

The complete set includes

  • 2 x Water Jet Lightning comprising of:

  • Energy efficient pump with 2 x 8 cable.

  • Remote control unit with a range of up to 80m and transformer.

  • 6m hose and remote control.

The Remote Control Unit Included In The Scope of Delivery Has a Range of Upto 80 Meters.

The Control Unit is Easy to Connect and Includes a transformer as well as a Ground Stake.

High-quality materials and appealing design. Complete water entertainment by Oase.

The complete set is particularly energy-efficient with power consumption rating of 40W.

Thanks to the unique Oase Plug’n’Spray concept the Water Jet Lightning is immediately ready for operation – without extensive installation effort. As with all the new Oase water fountains they are highly efficient and easy to maintain. Water Entertainment at its best……….

  Water Jet Lighting
Dimensions (LxWxH) 150 X 115 X 200 mm
Jet Diameter 8 mm
Jet Distance Max 1.8 m
Jet Height Max. 0.9 m
Cable Length (Connecting Cable) Per Unit: 8 m
12V Control Box:  
Dimensions (L x W x H) 215 X 180 X 305 mm
Nominal Voltage (Input) 12V DC
Remote Control Range Max 80 M
Weight 1.4 kg
Number of Outlets 1 X Pump 2 X LED
Power Consumption 41 W
Power Supply:  
Dimensions (L x W x H) 160 X 100 X 100 mm
Nominal Voltage (Primary/Secondary) 230V /50Hz/12V DC
Weight 3.2 kg
Cable Length (Secondary) 0.5 m
Cable Length (Primary) 2 m
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OASE-50256 Discontinued



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