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Introduction to the Vortex:

The Prime Vortex, which is now probably the most popular unit that is used today and has been used as part of the main filtration system now for many years. 

A Single Vortex unit, used as Primary chamber, fits into the filtration system as the 'First Line of Attack' ... and should be placed at the front end of the filtration system .. Normally the water from the bottom of the pond - together with waste and other debris is fed directly into this via the 4" or 110mm pipe from the Bottom Drain where it then adopts a 'spiral' motion inside the vortex chamber.

This allows the waste and debris to settle into the bottom of the vortex chamber where it then collects at the conical end of the vortex - waiting to be 'Flushed' via the Slide Valve which should be fitted to the external pipework that has been installed as part of the filtration system ...

As with all of our 'Fibre Glass' products these Primary Vortex Units are extremely Robust and even if backfilled will resist implosion.

Please note that for 'Gravity Fed' systems the water level in the pond should be no more than 1/2" from the Top edge of the Vortex Unit with the pump switched off. less if you can manage it. So if preparing a solid or concrete base for your Vortex units to stand on the base should be laid at the height of the vortex less 1/2"or less.


We have often been asked whether a Vortex used as a Primary Unit can be 'Pump Fed' .. the answer quite simply is 'Yes' ...  but it will need to be fitted with a pump feed adaptor - this is of course to 'slow the flow' down so the water instead of entering the vortex instead of being the size of the pipe work from the submersible pump - it will then enter the vortex through the  4" section of the pipe that comes on every vortex unit we manufacture - then the water gently flows into the vortex and begins the slow circular action which spins off the waste products and other debris drawn in from the pond ...  The longer the length of either 4" or 110mm pipe that is used prior to the entry to the primary vortex then the better it will work for you ... Remember, if you are using 110mm you will require a SLE-104 To reduce down.

We do of course have these pump feed adaptors and you will find these in our 'Plumbing' Section on this web site ...


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