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Trickle Tower Filters:

We are pleased to have found the very latest in 'Trickle Towers' - Trickle Towers have been used often as a booster aid to the conventional Filtration Systems for many years - but the problem with them, until now, has been their sheer size and bulkiness - and if you did find one that was small enough - then it more than likely was too small to do the job that was expected.. 

These TRICKLE TOWERS are super and we were so impressed with them that upon delivery of the very first units to the East Riding Koi Co - that within just 1 hour of their delivery we had one fitted and working on one of our own systems ... and it is working extremely well although, of course, it will take several weeks for the Biological Media to become established ...  The Biological Media that we ourselves have used is Bio-Glass we also sandwiched between the Bio-Glass a quarter of a bag of 'Flocor' .

Above you can see a group of 3 such 'Trickle Towers' - 2 of the 10" x 30" column size and 1 of the 10" x 48" size - There is another size in between - but we did not have one to show you when these photographs were taken.
The Photo below/right shows the Underneath side of the Top - showing the spray, or 'Trickle' arrangement for the water to pass through the various media underneath - itself being supported by a built-in media support tray and so as to prevent the media being washed into the pond ...and the photograph on the Left shows the actual trickle tower that we have installed on our system which as you can see is working well, as well as being very simple to plumb in....

These 'Trickle Towers' are extremely strong and well built - and of course all built by hand and welded by hand to ensure a good waterproof joint between the sections ...

They are now supplied in just the grey pipe finish (which you can then paint if you wish with a special 'Plastic Type Paint'.

The Units are all pump fed - and in this photo you can see the flexible pipe that we chose to use in this case, running from the 3rd biological filter (clean water) back into the main tank.

The photograph on the right shows the spray box which has been constructed to spray the water coming in from the pump, over all the surfaces of the media contained within the trickle tower chamber.

There is no doubt whatsoever, the use of Trickle Towers as part of the filtration system of any pond or tank will increase the stocking levels of most systems .. and they are growing in their popularity because they are so good .. and in our opinion the use of a Trickle Tower will allow you to increase your stocking level, this is ofcourse assuming that you have adequate filtration in the first place - if you have not, a Trickle Tower will be invaluable to you....

These Trickle Towers are manufactured to our customers own specific requirements. The inlet is usually 1.5" grey PVC and the outlet 2" grey PVC. The spec of the PVC piping can be altered to suit customers individual requirements. If your existing pipework is in black solvent weld or flexi, we do stock the connectors to suit.


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