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An Introduction To Oase Filters....


Oase Biotec....

With further development the Biotec range of filters are now even more successful than ever. With many sales arguments here are just a couple

  • A high proportion of oxygen can be added directly into the filter thanks to the inlet nozzles with integrated air nozzles.
  • Easy maintenance due to the built in sludge drain which allows you to remove all debris from the bottom of the filter.
Oase Biotec Screenmatic....

The Screenmatic is a low maintenance filter that has developed form the Biotec. This biological mechanical filter design helps to eliminate course debris and keep water clearer and healthier.

  • 300 micron sieve which help to separate and break down the larger particles of debris.
  • The screenmatic is automatic and has an electric motor which rotates the screen every 30 minutes meaning less maintenance time for you.
Oase Biosys complete sets....

There are now 4 biosys complete sets available each one is based on either the Biotec or a Biotec Screenmatic.

Depending on what size your pond is there will be a set to suit your needs.

Biosys sets come complete with and Oase Aquamax Eco relevant to the size of the Filter and a Oase Bitron U.V.C.

Below you will see the links to the various sections on this very large subject covering all the
type of Filtration Systems we recommend.


The East Riding Koi Co Ltd have discontinued Oase filters from our range sorry for any inconvenience


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