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The Nexus Filtration system has proved itself to be the most successful koi filter in the world with an innovative design and use of cutting edge technology we are happy to recommend to our valued customers a product that has been researched and produced to the highest specification to supply the best results possible....

Now introducing the New Nexus220 and 320.

The Nexus is now going into its 8th Year on the market and still proves as popular as the day it was launched, we are sure that the new 220 and 320 will carry on keeping up the good reputation the Nexus has earned over the past years. For information on the history of the Nexus over the last 8 years be sure to see our Nexus History Section.

The Nexus Eazy 320:

The Nexus 320 still incorporates the industry proven Kaldnes moving bed filter media, along with the innovative Central Eazy system providing mechanical filtration. With the adjustments that have been made the new 320 is now even easier to maintain.



Improvements To The Nexus Eazy 320:

The All New Eazy......

The All New Eazy that is the solids removal chamber, has been redesigned from the bottom up. It is bigger, allowing for better flow of water through the static K1. This means that the Nexus removes more of the suspended solids, and is even better at producing the clarity demanded by the koi keeper!! The one way valve that is now attached to the outlet of the Eazy, has made cleaning easier, taking away the need to have the black pipe bung as in previous models. The improved water flow also means more efficient cleaning of the Static K1. The Eazy is now covered by a clear lid, this ensures that the precise amount of K1 media is always present with the Eazy chamber, and none can escape.

If the Nexus owner had to make any compromise in the past, it was that in times of heavy feeding, or perhaps if blanket weed was being removed, then the Eazy could fill up with debris, and water could overflow the filter, or potentially starve the pump.

Nexus 320 and Nexus 220 owners no longer have such a Compromise!!!! In pump fed operation, the Nexus has an Overflow and in gravity fed operation, a Bypass, which mean that if you need to leave the filter for longer than you normally would in between cleaning then the water can now bypass or overflow out of the filter and back into your pond. The filter will continue to work as normal, but the excess water will bypass/overflow back into the pond.

How Does the Nexus 320 Work?

The Nexus Eazy 320 carries on to incorporate the Central Eazy system however, rather than have this stood on legs inside of the unit the new 320 has a full central Eazy system which runs down to the base of the Nexus unit, this improvement means that more and slots have been added to the Eazy chamber where the water enters allowing a downward flow to be created causing many of the larger solids to settle out prior to reaching the top half of the Eazy and the second stage of Mechanical filtration. Once the water has been mechanically cleaned the water passes out of the Eazy system and into the Biological chamber surrounding the Eazy before returning the water to the pond.

Maintenance on the Nexus Eazy 320......

Unlike most filters the Nexus Eazy 320 is easy and enjoyable to clean. Simply switch of the supplying water pump and turn the air valve which will divert the air supply from the main Nexus Eazy 320 air ring to the base of the Nexus Eazy 320. By doing this you will cause agitation to the K1 media cleaning vigorously. Whilst this procedure is taking place any captured particles are flushed out into the Central chamber if the Nexus Eazy 320, this then allows you to see how much waste has been filtered out and how efficiently the filter is working. Once the K1 media has been agitated for a sufficient period of time, (This will depend on how much waste has been created and how long it has been between the cleans) the water in the central chamber will be flushed to waste using the purge valve provided at the base of the Nexus Eazy 320. Now the cleaning process is complete, yes as Eazy as that!! You can now switch the air valve back and return the air supply to the main air ring and switch the pump back on and the system is once again up and running. The whole process can take less than 2 minutes to complete!


About The Eazy In The Nexus Eazy 320....

The EAZY is a stainless steel vessel containing a volume of static K1 media which is located within the centre chamber of the Nexus.

Water enters the centre chamber and then enters the Eazy via slots in the lower half of the unit. This results in a downward flow causing many of the larger solids to settle out prior to entering the Eazy. the size of the slots will not allow large mechanical waste to enter the cylinder this acting as a first stage mechanical filtration. The water then passes through the static K1 media utilising up and side flow and this process causes the fine solids to become entrapped. The mechanically clean water then passes to the outside chamber of the Nexus where the Kaldnes moving bed is located for biological treatment prior to being returned to the pond - and you need not have even got your hands wet ..  

Why Choose The Nexus Eazy 320....

  • Unbeatable water quality and clarity
  • Zero maintenance within the Biological stage
  • Low running costs
  • Easy to install - 'plug and play'
  • Small footprint
  • Unparalleled value for money
  • A 'pleasure' to clean
  • Works pump or gravity fed
  • No need for a high pressure and costly
    circulating pump
  • Now includes pump fed overflow/Gravity fed bypass system
  • Uses scientifically proven Kaldnes Moving Bed technology
  • Mechanical and biological stage in one unit
  • Biological capacity that can grow with
    your fish, just add more kaldnes media
  • Open mechanical filter allowing visual inspection that media is 100% clean after maintenance
  • New Improved Eazy
  • Clear Lid for Eazy Section
  • New improved air system




The Dimensions of the Nexus Eazy 320 filtration system are: actual diameter of the unit is 1.10 meter and the height is 1.10 meter.


Specification On Nexus Eazy 320....


Nexus Eazy 320

Max Flow Rate 13,000 litres/hr
2,859 UK gallons/hr
3,431 US gallons/hr
K1 Media 100 ltrs bio/40 ltrs Eazy
Max Media Capacity 300 ltrs bio/40 ltrs Eazy
Max Pond Size 34,000 litres
7,500 UK gallons
9,000 US gallons
Volume Of Water In Litres 185UK gallons
840 litres
222 US gallons

Which Air Pump for the Nexus Eazy 320....

Total Biological Media in Litres

Air Pump Required

50-75 Air Tech 75
75-100 Air Tech 95
100-150 Air Tech 130
150-200 Air Tech 150

Cleaning Guide for GRAVITY Fed Nexus

Cleaning Guide for PUMP Fed Nexus


SKU Description




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Nexus Waste Pipe Kit

SKU Description


NEXUS320 Nexus EAZY 320 Filtration System **Free Delivery to the UK Mainland**   1249.54 + Vat
Lid300 Lid for NeXus 300 / 310 / 320 97.02 + Vat
NEX-231 Lid for Easy (Clear Plastic Lid) 20.37 + Vat
Nexus-wp-kit Nexus Waste Pipe Kit 12.81 + Vat



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