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Filtration Media:

The variety and assortment of filtration media is extensive - but here we show you just some of the various types of filtration media that you can use .. Clearly some work better than others and each Koi keeper will, and does have his own ideas.

We also have an excellent range of the various types of Montmorillonite Clays - see the various links to those products below

If you do have any questions about the types of media that you may be wishing to use in your own filtration system whether it be a pre-made filter, or perhaps a home made one, then please contact us and we can discuss the various sorts available to you ...

Please choose from the selection below and see the media details which interests you for further details on that particular product:

SKU Description


FME-215 Alfagrog 15kg bags (Large Piece) 13.13 + Vat Order
SFA-901 Silica Sand - 25kg 21.84 + Vat Order
AFM-001 AFM Media - 25kg Bag Grade 1 (fine) 35.73 + Vat Order
AFM-002 AFM Media - 25kg Bag Grade 2 (Course) 35.73 + Vat Order
FME-345 Bac Bio Balls - 25L Pack 19.60 + Vat Order
FME-110 Filter Grids 27in. x 16in. 3.36 + Vat Order
FME-340 Japanese Matting sheet size - (1 m X 1 m) 30.70 + Vat Order
FME-342 Japanese Matting sheet size - (2 m X 1 m) 56.00 + Vat Order
FME-246 Filter Media Sacks - Green 46cm x 65cm - sold in pack of 4 1.94 + Vat Order
FME-252 Filter Media Sacks - Orange 52cm x 85cm - sold in pack of 4 2.45 + Vat Order
FME-106 Flocor 2 cubic feet 12.77 + Vat Order
FME-363 Flocor Bulk Sack - 250L 76.99 + Vat Order
FME-350 Bio Flo - 50 Litres 25.67 + Vat Order
FME-352 Bio Flo - 250 Litres 110.25 + Vat Order
FME-338 Filter Foam Cube 8" 8.48 + Vat Order
FME-181 Filter Foam Set 3 piece 11in. x 17in. 7.82 + Vat Order
FME-182 Filter Foam Set 3 piece 18in. x 25in. 15.63 + Vat Order
FME-183 Filter Foam Set 3 piece 21in. x 43in. 33.26 + Vat Order
AQ-41084 Filter Foam cubes 8 x 4 x 4 inches 4.01 + Vat Order
AQ-41124 Filter Foam cubes 12 x 4 x 4 inches 5.01 + Vat Order
FME-430 Oyster Shell 5kg in half shells 19.23 + Vat Order
FME-409 Retention Wool 27in. x 50m 42.15 + Vat Order
FME-401 Filter Wool Pads 17" x 11" x 2" 2.71 + Vat Order
FME-402 Filter Wool Pads 25" x 18" x 2" 6.20 + Vat Order
FME-403 Filter Wool Pads 43" x 21" x 2" 11.39 + Vat Order
FME-505 Zeolite - 5kg (Medium Pieces) 13.27 + Vat Order
FME-520 Zeolite - 20 kg (Large Pieces) 36.69 + Vat Order
FME-200 K1 - Kaldnes floating bed media 25L 31.80 + Vat Order
FME-201 K1  Kaldnes floating bed media 50L  55.69 + Vat Order
FME-207 K1 - MICRO Media - 25L 48.14 + Vat Order
FME-210 K1 - MICRO Media - 50L 81.66 + Vat Order
KK-C01 Carbon Impregnated 17" x 11" Foam Sheet 9.78 + Vat Order
KK-C02 Carbon Impregnated 25" x 18" Foam Sheet 20.86 + Vat Order
KK-C03 Carbon Impregnated 42" x 21" Foam Sheet 34.77 + Vat Order
BUB-220 Beads Filter Media 20Kg  86.46 + Vat Order
FME-225 Blagdon Pro Ceramic Bio Media 47.65 + Vat Order
SHF-535 Crystal Bio Media 30-50mm - 50Ltrs 69.86 + Vat Order

A Shipping charge may apply to many of the products listed above because of their weight and or bulky-ness - but will be kept to a minimum ...

Black Knight Filter Brushes: -

We carry a very comprehensive range of the Black Knight Filter Brushes

(Probably the best Brushes in the market) ..


Please click here to be transferred to this large section.

Spawning Ropes:

Also from the Black Knight Stable ..  superb and soft as they come ..

If you wish more information on these spawning ropes - please click here ..

SKU Description


BK-Spwn-001  Black Knight Spawning Ropes - sold in pairs 11.87 + Vat Order

Montmorillonite Clays:

Re-mineralises water, improves water clarity, Koi colour & lustre, aids health, stimulates appetite.

A Koi pond needs to has many elements, nothing is more important than the water itself. Water is known as the universal solvent. Bacteria, oxygen, minerals all have a major part to play in the health and physiology of aquatic pond dwellers such as beautiful Koi or even fish breed purely for the dinner table.

Water quality is vital for survival for all fish low pollutants of course are a basic requirement. Public water supplies being a very sterile source of water for human consumption, lack the spectrum of minerals that fish can absorb in a natural lake environment.

Regular mineral replenishment in an enclosed pond system can improve the health, colour & growth. Just look to the Japanese mud ponds where superb Koi are bred. This is near a natural environment for Koi. Mud ponds are the ideal, now we can mimic this environment to a significant degree by adding mineral elements found in nature. Montmorillonite clay can contain up to 64 minerals & trace elements. Clay is not a miracle or a panacea, Purity composition & structure is the critical element with clay to achieve results and most clay can purport to be a "type" of Montmorillonite. 99.9% of most clays in the world are unsuitable to use in a Koi pond environment. 


Below you will see the links to the various sections on this very large subject covering all the
type of Filtration Systems we recommend.