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An Introduction to 'A.F.M'

Sustainable Clean Technology

AFM is now set to replace sand in all gravity and pressure sand & media filters.Dryden Aqua manufacture AFM from recovered glass,  the handling and the processing of the glass imparts unique chemical and physical properties to AFM.

  AFM filter media
  • AFM® carries a permanent surface -ve charge which means it can remove particles much smaller than sand. AFM® can reduce organic levels by surface adsorption.

  • Surface catalytic properties makes AFM self sterilizing, we also observe cracking of humic acids, localized high oxidation potentials, and almost twice the capacity to remove iron from solution.

  • Smooth micro surface makes the AFM® much less likely to become fouled

  • The AFM® bed is much less likely to block of channel

  • Easy to back-flush, approx. 50% less water is wasted in cleaning AFM®

  • AFM® is much easier to keep clean than sand, and if you keep the AFM® clean, it should never need to be changed, or at least the service cycle will be greatly increased over sand.

  • The retained organic content of an AFM® bed will be much lower than an equivalent sand bed.
  • AFM® is easier to sterilize
  • Very high attrition strength
  • Sand and zeolites (air born dust) are classified as a grade 2 carcinogens because of the free silica,  zeolites are particularly dangerous.
  • AFM® does not contain any free silica and as such it is much safer to use than sand.

AFM grade 1 filtration media (Reference #

AFM (Advanced Filtration Media) grade 1 is the standard sized AFM media equivalent to 16 x 30 grade sand.

Maximum water flow rate through a bed of grade 1 AFM is 30 cubm/sqm/hr, recommended flow rate for clean water application is 20 cubm/squm/hr, recommended maximum flow rate for dirty water and tertiary treatment of sewerage effluent 10 cubm/sqm/hr

AFM grade 2 filtration media (Reference #

AFM (Advanced Filtration Media) grade 2 is used as a support media for grade 1 and grade 0. Sufficient grade 2 should be used in all pressure filters to cover the laterals or support plate to a depth of at least 100mm.

Supplied in 25kg sacks, grade 1 particle size 0.5mm to 1.10mm. Media should be used on top of a layer of grade 2 AFM.

Applications include; tertiary treatment of sewerage effluent, swimming pools, fish farms and industrial waste water filtration.

SKU Description


AFM-001 25kg Bag of Grade 1 AFM - Fine Media £35.73 + Vat Order
AFM-002 25kg Bag of Grade 2 AFM - Slightly Courser £35.73 + Vat Order

Shipping on UK Mainland £10.00 per 25 kg Bag will be applied because of the weight ..  

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