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An Introduction to Fluid Bed Filters:

Cloverleaf Fluid Bed Filters

The ability of Fluidised Bed filters to biological cater for extremely high level fish loads has been well documented, as have the wear and short life problems encountered by some companies producing such devices back in the year 2000.

Only now in 2002 after considerable field and laboratory research can Cloverleaf offer the very best in Fluid Bedís Ė assisted greatly by the unique specification of silica sand used, and which is known to offer superior bacteria colonisation than that achieved by coral sand and other common types.

Cloverleaf Fluid Bed Filters

Cloverleaf Fluid Bedís are manufactured in 3 varying sizes, and are available in two designs Ė

  • Pumped with gravity return
  • Pumped with pressurised return.

They are well made - nicely finished and of course they work superbly .. and easy to install and control ... they have their own built in slide valve to enable you to set the desired flow rate... 

So if you need that additional biological filtration to enhance your own system without having to increase, or replace your existing filtration system .. then these Fluid Bed Filters are for you ... but please bear in mind that we do not recommend that a fluid bed filter should be the only biological filter on any given pond ..

These are designed to help 'boost' the biological side of any system and to help increase the stocking levels within that system ..

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M25  Cloverleaf Fluid Bed Filter - small - gravity drop back £124.46 + Vat Order
M70  Cloverleaf Fluid Bed Filter - large - gravity drop back £168.63 + Vat Order
M140  Cloverleaf Fluid Bed Filter - X Large - gravity drop back £267.80 + Vat Order
FBFM-3kg  Fluidised Filter Media 3kg Sack £7.67 + Vat Order

Shipping on UK Mainland of £10.00 will apply on this Systems

Now take a look at these same models - which are now available as a pressurised system ... 

New Pressurised Fluid Bed Filters

Following the success of Cloverleaf's Fluid Bed's featured above ... and by continual requests from customers Cloverleaf set to to produce two new models - only this time a pressurised model ...

The advantage of a pressurised Fluid Bed Filter's are:

  • Far more control over the water flow through the fluid bed
  • Prevents loss of the Media, silica-sand, by accidental switch on/off
  • Flow's can be set to by-pass the system
  • Can be sited below water and ground level
  • Small footprint
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MP25P  Cloverleaf Pressurised Fluid Bed - small £168.63 + Vat Order
MP70P  Cloverleaf Pressurised Fluid Bed - large £198.35 + Vat Order
MP140P  Cloverleaf Pressurised Fluid Bed - Extra large £317.36 + Vat Order
FBFM-3kg  Fluidised Filter Media 3kg Sack £7.67 + Vat Order

Shipping on UK Mainland of £10.00 will apply on this Systems

NEW Fluidised Bed Type M140P

The M140P (pressurised) is the largest model available and it will cater for heavy stocked ponds up to 14,000 gallons (63,000 litres).

These impressive units are approx 2000mm high (80") with a 110mm core (4") containing 12kg of silica sand.

The M140 model requires a 1/4hp pump with an operational flow rate of around 1,400gph. Remaining pipe specification of M140P is similar to the M70P.

The M140P will support up to 200kg (440lb) of fish load.

Please Note: The recommended pump flows mentioned are purely for rough guidance, and accurate flows can only be derived after calculating head loss, and velocity fall off due to long pipe lengths, bends etc.

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See the New Cartridge Filter for finely filtering and polishing your water




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