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Cloverleaf Replacement Media:

We are now able to supply the full range of replacement Cloverleaf media for you Cloverleaf Filter...

SKU Description


CL4-MEDIA Media Kit for the Cloverleaf CL4 530.83 + Vat Order
Foam-CL1 Foam Set For CL1 & VH1/1 18.02 + Vat Order
Foam-CL2 Foam Set For CL2 30.18 + Vat Order
Foam-CL3 Foam Set For CL3 39.52+ Vat Order
Foam-CL4 Foam Set For CL4 & Vortex 109.90 + Vat Order
Foam-VH2 Foam Set For Multi Chamber VH2 44.84 + Vat Order
Foam-VH2-1 Foam Set For VH2/1 19.92 + Vat Order
Jap-VH2 Jap Matting Cartridges For Genesis VH2 Range 55.44 + Vat Order
Jap-CL1 Jap Matting Cartridges For CL1 26.77 + Vat Order
Jap-CL2 Jap Matting Cartridges For CL2 77.07 + Vat Order
Jap-CL3 Jap Matting Cartridges For CL3 & Genesis 2 113.16 + Vat Order
Jap-CL4 Jap Matting Cartridges For CL4 Or Biocone 271.67 + Vat Order
FBFM-3kg Fluidised Filter Media 3kg Sack 7.67 + Vat Order
Adtec-Media/w 10ltrs Replacement Media for particle Separation System
81.36 + Vat Order
Adtec-Media/y 10ltrs Replacement Media for particle Separation System
81.36 + Vat Order

Spawning Ropes:

Also from the Black Knight Stable ..  superb and soft as they come ..

If you wish more information on these spawning ropes - please click here ..

SKU Description


BK-Spwn-001  Black Knight Spawning Ropes - sold in pairs 12.46 + Vat Order

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type of Filtration Systems we recommend.