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Filtration: The 'Cloverleaf Hobby Filters'

Cloverleaf Industries and their Filtration Systems have now been around for many years ... Their 'Unique' Systems have been installed on hundreds, if not thousands of Koi and Garden ponds throughout the world ..

They are renowned for their compactness and flexible arrangement and also for the ease of installation .. and least of all because these systems will fit into the smallest area available.

There are many models in the 'Cloverleaf' range - from the basic 'Cloverleaf Hobby' for the small garden pond application - right up to the 'Professional' models ...

In this section we will cover the 'Hobby Range' - very popular with the Garden pond enthusiasts.

The Bio Clear Filters:

The Bio Clear Range is a very effective filtration system for the small garden pond with Goldfish and perhaps other small pond fish.

It contains multi-layers of foam and flocor or aquarock.

The F20 Deluxe and the F4 Deluxe are available as combinations with an 8 watt/15 watt UV Clarifier.

These filters are not suitable for a true Koi enthusiast.

SKU Description


CLF-Bio300 Suit very small ponds with 1 or 2 fish - pump fed POA  
CLF-Bio500 Suit ponds up to 500 galls - Goldfish Ponds Only POA  
CLF-Bio1000 Suit ponds of 750 galls - Goldfish and other small POA  
CLF-Bio2000 Suit ponds of 1000 galls - Still for goldfish etc POA  
CLF-F4 Economy filter for up to 500 gallon garden pond POA  
CLF-F4D/WL Deluxe single unit with wooden lid - 500 gallon POA  
CLF-F4D/8W Deluxe unit complete with 24wt Smart Start U.V POA  
CLF-F4D-Lid Replacement wooden lid for F4 Deluxe POA  
CLF-F20D Triple chamber Deluxe filter - suit pond 1000 gals POA  
CLF-F20D/8W Triple as above but fitted with 8wt UV POA  
CLF-F20D/15 Triple as above but fitted with 15wt  UV POA  
CLF-F20D/WL Wooden Lid for F20 filters POA  
CLF-VG1 Veggie Filter Deluxe POA  
CLF-VG25W Veggie Filter Deluxe Complete with 25wt U.V POA  

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type of Filtration Systems we recommend.




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