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Filtration: The 'Cloverleaf Genesis'

Cloverleaf Industries and their Filtration Systems have now been around for many years

Their 'Unique' Systems have been installed on hundreds, if not thousands of Koi and Garden ponds throughout the world ..

They are renowned for their compactness and flexible arrangement and also for the ease of installation .. and least of all because these systems will fit into the smallest area available.

There are many models in the 'Cloverleaf' range - from the basic 'Cloverleaf Hobby' for the small garden pond application - right up to the 'Professional' models ...

In this section we will cover the 'Genesis Range' - again very popular with the Koi enthusiasts.

The 'Genesis' a very popular choice where width matters

Again .. from the Cloverleaf stable .. we show you their range of combined vortex action filtration systems - The Genesis.

Many of these filtration systems have been installed since their introduction and we understand that they are working superbly ... So if there is a  Genesis filter that would suit your own purposes .. then you can buy this product without worries and we are sure that you would be pleased with the finished results.

The initial Chamber on each of the filters in the Genesis range is a Vortex Chamber which spins off the waste products and other debris as it enters the vortex, which then settles to the bottom of the cone where it can be flushed to waste.

The remainder of the chambers comes complete with it' s own filtration media to provide a good biological balance to your filtration system, which of course is the most important part of any pond ... 

SKU Description


CLF-VH2/2 2 Unit System - Suit ponds 1000 gallons 284.84 + Vat Order
CLF-VH2/3 3 Unit System - Suit ponds 1500 gallons 466.03 + Vat Order
CLF-VH2/4 4 Unit System - Suit ponds 2000 gallons 699.06 + Vat Order

Genesis Mk 2

There are just three models in this range - all are supplied with wooden slated lids - that little bit more up-market filtration system for those who wish that little bit extra ..

Illustrated here is the Genesis Mk 2 6 Bay "L" shape system.

Size 3720 x 620 x 860mm high. This unit will cater for Koi ponds up to 5,000 gallons (22,500 litres)

Note:- Pipe inlet size 110mm (4") - Outlet 110mm (4").

SKU Description


CLF-G2/3 3 Bay System - suit up to 2,500 gallon ponds 1140.21 + Vat Order
CLF-G2/4 4 Unit System - suit up to 4000 gallon ponds 1314.60 + Vat Order
CLF-G2/5 5 Unit System - suit up to 4,500 gallon ponds 1654.46 + Vat Order
CLF-G2/6 6 Unit System - suit up to 5000 gallon ponds 1976.42 + Vat Order
CLF-GD/Lid Replacement Wooden Lid for the Genesis Mk II Range 31.87 + Vat Order

The Genesis from above ..

From the Top view you can gain a better idea of how the media is arranged in this type of system .. and of course you can arrange the media to suit your own particular requirements ..

But whatever you do decide you are sure Cloverleaf are there to back you up and support your every need ...


Below you will see the links to the various sections on this very large subject covering all the
type of Filtration Systems we recommend.



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