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Filtration: The 'Cloverleaf Compact'

Cloverleaf Industries and their Filtration Systems have now been around for many years ... Their 'Unique' Systems have been installed on hundreds, if not thousands of Koi and Garden ponds throughout the world ..

They are renowned for their compactness and flexible arrangement and also for the ease of installation .. and least of all because these systems will fit into the smallest area available.

There are many models in the 'Cloverleaf' range - from the basic 'Cloverleaf Hobby' for the small garden pond application - right up to the 'Professional' models ...

In this section we will cover the 'Compact Genesis Range' - again very popular with the Koi enthusiasts.

The Compact:

Again .. from the Cloverleaf stable .. we show you their range of combined vortex action filtration systems - The Compact ... many of these filtration systems have been installed since their introduction and we understand that they are working superbly ... So if there is a Compact filter that would suit your own purposes .. then you can buy this product without worries and we are sure that you would be pleased with the finished results ... The Compact Filter Series works differently to the Genesis, professional and Bio Clear series.

The compact filter consists of one filter cylinder with an inner and outer chamber.

Water enters the outer cone prior to the inner cone for the removal of heavy dirt and other debris, working much like a vortex and causing the dirt etc to fall into the bottom where it awaits flushing to waste.

This allows cleaner water to enter the inner cone for filtration.

The inner cone consists of three layers of foam and Aquarock.

A simple single chamber filter (pictured on the left) for the small garden pond for use with a submersible pump and is gravity drop back to the pond or inlet.


SKU Description


CLF-VH2/1 Single Unit System - suit ponds of 1000 gallons 203.81 + Vat Order
CLF-VH3/1 Single Unit System - suit ponds of 1500 gallons 336.74 + Vat Order
CLF-VH4/1 Single Unit System - suit ponds of 2000 gallons 531.70 + Vat Order


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