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Filtration: The 'Cloverleaf' range of filters

Cloverleaf Industries and their Filtration Systems have now been around for many years ... Their 'Unique' Systems have been installed on hundreds, if not thousands of Koi and Garden ponds throughout the world ..

Media Sets

They are renowned for their compactness and flexible arrangement and also for the ease of installation .. and least of all because these systems will fit into the smallest area available. In our opinion, the Cloverleaf Filter is probably one of the best filtration systems on the market anywhere in the world ..  so you can be confident that what you are buying has been designed and built especially with you in mind ...

There are many models in the 'Cloverleaf' range - from the basic 'Cloverleaf Hobby' for the small garden pond application - right up to the 'Professional' models ...

We will start with the Professional Cloverleaf Systems and work our way down the entire range.

First then the 'Professional'

This Unique Filtration System is probably what gave Cloverleaf their name and reputation that they still have today as one of the market leaders in filtration ..

Like many of the Cloverleaf Filters .. these are uniquely made and moulded using a hot polypropylene product which will provide a lifetime of use....

Clearly you can see where the name of 'Cloverleaf' came from when you take a look at the photographs of these filters ..

Each Filter is supplied with a connection that will enable you to either 'Pump Feed' or as a Gravity Fed System pulling water from the Bottom Drain ....(if you do not understand the concept of the bottom drain then may we suggest that you go to our Pond Construction section and take a look at how a bottom drain fits into the pond system .. trust me - the bottom drain is one of the most important parts of any pond construction).. click here

The Original Cloverleaf - Still The Leader and Popular Choice

The Water entering your Cloverleaf - enters the Vortex chamber, which spins off the heavy solids etc which settle to the bottom of the cone, awaiting flushing to waste outlet ... It then passes through the next chamber which houses Filter Brushes which remove any particles of dirt or debris that may have got past the prime vortex chamber ..  from there it passes through the next two chambers which are the biological side of  the filtration system and then of course the water travels - via the UV if using a Gravity Fed System and finally back into the pond ...

We can of course if you are choosing to use the 'Pump Fed' System - supply you with a pump feed adapter - which you may need to be able to connect your Cloverleaf to the pump ....

Cloverleaf CL1 - or CL1V

  • Size 660 x 660 x 560mm high. Suitable for Koi ponds up to 1,250 gallons (5,625 litres). 
  • This system is also available as the CL1V with a vortex chamber.
  • Note:- Pipe inlet size 25mm (1") - Outlet 50mm (2").



See the Pipework diagram
           click here



Please Note that the Professional Cloverleaf Filters can now be fitted with the NEW Particle Separation System which is New for 2006

Price Notice: As a rough guide the optional integration of the PSS into standard filters like the CL4 and Genesis Mk 2 4 Bay will increase costs by approx 15%.

The Carriage Charge Of 10 Will be applied to all Cloverleaf Filters.....


SKU Description


CLF-CL1/JV CL1 Complete with Jap Matting and Vortex Gravity Fed 354.46 + Vat Order
CLF-CL1/J CL1 Complete with Jap Matting Gravity Fed354.46 + Vat Order
CLPA3 Pump feed adaptor for use with CL1 Only 39.85 + Vat Order

Cloverleaf CL2

  • Size 990 x 990 x 760mm high. Suitable for Koi ponds up to 2,500 gallons (11,250 litres).
  • Note:- Pipe inlet size 110mm (4") - Outlet 82mm (3").



See the Pipework diagram
           click here

The Carriage Charge Of 10  Will be applied to all Cloverleaf Filters.....

SKU Description


CLF-CL2/IJ CL2 fitted with Imperial valves and Japanese Matt 886.22 + Vat Order
CLF-PFA Special Cloverleaf Pump Feed Adaptor For CL2 44.29 + Vat Order

Cloverleaf CL3


  • Size 1220 x 1220 x 860mm. Suitable for Koi ponds up to 3,750 gallons (16,875 litres)
  • Note:- Pipe inlet size 110mm (4") - Outlet 110mm (4").

The Carriage Charge Of 10 Will be applied to all Cloverleaf Filters.....

SKU Description


CLF-CL3/IJ CL3 fitted with Imperial valve and Japanese Mat 1152.07 + Vat Order
CLF-CL4 Supplied with No Media or lids 1593.36 + Vat Order
CLF-PFA Special Cloverleaf Pump Feed Adaptor for CL3/CL4 44.29 + Vat Order
CL4-MEDIA Media Kit for the Cloverleaf CL4 530.83 + Vat Order
CL4-LID Lid For Cloverleaf CL4 (single chamber lid only) 56.37 + Vat Order



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