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Thermostats or Digital Controllers

It is important that when considering heating any system, that you also bear in mind that you will need to control that water temperature accurately to avoid heat loss and larger than would be, heating bills. With this in mind we offer an excellent Digital Controller

The Carel Digital - Thermostat:


Digistat & Probe (Digital Readout, Very Accurate)

The Carel TW thermostat simultaneously displays set point, differential and temperature on its backlit Liquid Crystal Display.

The TW requires an external probe. The TW allows you to select the set-point range within a minimum and a maximum value, the status of the output relay (ON/OFF) in the event of probe failure, the heating/cooling mode and the position of the differential as PRE or POST of the set point.


  • Electronic Thermostats for Wall Mounting.
  • OPERATING RANGE - (-10C to +50C)
  • DISPLAY - 3 digits with decimal point plus sign.
  • ACCURACY - Better than 1C (2F)
  • INPUT - Carel NTC probe.
  • READ OUT - Fahrenheit
  • CONNECTIONS - Screw terminal block for cables up to 2,5mm
  • MOUNTING - Wall-mounted.
  • DIMENSIONS - Front panel 85mm x 87mm, depth 48mm (3.3" x 3.4" x 1.92").
  • POWER SUPPLY - 220/240Vac, +10%, 50/60Hz power consumption: 3VA.
  • OPERATING CONDITIONS - Operating temperature: 0 - 50C humidity: lower than 90%rH, non-condensing.
  • STORAGE CONDITIONS - Temperature: - 10 - 70C humidity: lower than 90%rH, non-condensing.


SKU Description


DIG-410 Carel Digistat Thermostat Controller - Requires Probe 112.92 + Vat Order
DIG-411 Probe Cable - 1.5m 9.50 + Vat Order
DIG-413 Probe Cable - 3 m 16.80 + Vat Order
DIG-416 Probe Cable - 6 m 33.60 + Vat Order
Elecro Pond Smart Digital Controller...

The Elecro digital controller has been designed to provide and economical solution to help you maintain the perfect temperature in your Pond...Giving you complete control over

  • Electric Heater
  • Heat exchangers
  • Heat Pumps
  • Circulation Pumps

Key Features Of the Elecro Pond Smart Digital Controller...

  • Priority Heating.
  • Accurate temperature control to 0.5C.
  • Fully programmable with timed control
  • User defined temperature set points - This allows you to state what temperature you want the heater to rise to over what period of time.
SKU Description


ELECRO-PDC Elecro Pond Smart Digital Controller POA Order



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