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Winter Pond Covers:


We really can't emphasise it enough - how important it is to a least try to cover your pond during the winter months to keep that icy cold wind off the water surface and to retain what little heat you have in the pond .. I am sure that most of us will appreciate that laying out under a tent or similar is always going to be much warmer than laying out in the open .. and your pond is not much different and a cover will certainly reward you hands down .. 

And of course if you are going to Heat your pond then covering your pond becomes even more essential for you to be able to lock the heat in that you are paying for through your Electricity or Gas/Oil bills and spending a little on a pond cover, such as this Solarweave or Solar blanket, will very soon pay for itself over and over again.

Left is a picture of Solarweave which is a reinforced form of Solar blanket that is used when made to order with pre fixings....


Solar Blanket - pictured on the Right......

This is available direct from us and comes in 2 mtr wide rolls - by what ever length you require ..

We have often been asked 'How do I make a cover for my pond' ..  Well now that has been made much easier with the introduction to our product range of this superb - strong - 400 micro Solar Blanket ...

We will cut to that length for you so you only pay for what you need - we do not say that you have to take a full roll ..

It is very simple to fit and can be easily cut with a pair of scissors. The idea of the standard solar blanket is that it can be attached to a frame which can then be suspended over the pond - Please note a gap of around 2"-4" should be left between the surface of the water and the cover, this is to allow for the important gas exchange....

Winter Pond Covers - Solar Blanket Please note the 40mm wide plain edge to the sheeting, this will allow you to overlap each sheet in case you require the sheet wider than the 2mtr standard, but of course this will also enable you - using those brass eyelets which are available in kit forms from many D.I.Y. stores etc - to secure each sheet in place.

However we can supply you with a cover which has been welded to the sizes you require and with all edges reinforced if you can provide us with the exact size of your pond - and if a special shape then we would require you to provide a template, which can be cut out of a sheet of polythene etc - please contact us for further details and we will then come back to you with a firm price for that cover tailored perfectly to your specifications - see lower down on page for further details of straps and fixings

This photograph shows this Solar Blanket that we have just placed over our very complex shaped 24,000 gallon pond, which incidentally is open to all the inclement weather that is thrown at us.

This year we have just had to lay this Solar Blanket on the surface of the pond .. but it is our intention this summer to have each section hand welded and have the edges also taped and welded - this will then make a firm, strong, cover for the entire pond ...also allowing for the necessary gas exchange on the waters surface....

But for this winter we are very pleased with what we have been able to achieve using this 400 micro Solar Blanket.

Our Pond Covered
Price Structure:

Supplied from the roll 2 mtrs wide x the length required per running mtr for the 400 micron bubble.

New from winter 2010 we are able to supply the more heavy duty Solar Weave straight from the roll. 2 mtrs wide x the length you require per running mtr.

This is not to be confused by the Bespoke made to measure covers in the Solar Weave fabric that come complete with reinforced edges and eyelets which of course are still available made to order. POA

Please state the number of 'Running Mtrs required' - you can select that when you enter our Shopping Cart program.



Covers can be fixed in place in lawns/earth with the use of eyelets or straps and stakes. The eyelets can also be used where a fixing to wood is required


SKU Description


AQ-400SB 400 Micro Solar Blanket - sold by running meter 12.85 + Vat Order
AQ-solar01 Solar Weave Cover - sold by running meter 27.71 + vat Order

Shipping on UK Mainland just 12.50 - This price includes the parcel length surcharge.......


Please contact us if we can help in any matter <>