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Heating Your Pond -

Using a Boiler - Gas or Oil Fired and a Heat Exchanger

We Sell Only the Very Best Heat Exchangers from 'Architectural Stainless Ltd' - The UK manufacturers of the Finest Heat Exchangers available anywhere ...

All Our Heat Exchangers are Beautifully made from the finest quality 316 Stainless Steel and have a superb finish.

As with all good products they carry a full 12 months guarantee against faulty workmanship etc....

Where possible we try to deliver within 5 working days....


Quite simply the Heat Exchangers are the most cost effective method of controlling the water temperature of Fish Tanks and Ponds from a domestic Water Heating System or Solar Panels. Using a Heat Exchanger provides us with a method of heating water by simply pumping the water, on it's return to the pond or tank, in the same way we connect a UV sterilizer - through the Inlet Pipe - where it then circulates past an inner Stainless Steel Coil (something similar to a radiator on a car) through which flows the 'Hot' water from the boiler which in turn in housed in a heavy 316 gauge Stainless Steel Jacket through which flows the water from the filtration system back to the pond. The heat from the 'Hot Water' in the inner coil never makes contact with the actual pond water but the heat generated from it is then transferred to the water flowing round it  by radiation - hence it heats the water in your pond or tank .... simple !!

How the Heat Exchanger fits into the system ...  a simple diagram

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SKU Description Flow Rate


HEXC-001 Heat Exchanger  60,000 BTU 900 g.p.h. 174.04 + Vat Order
HEXC-002 Heat Exchanger 100,000 BTU 1440 g.p.h. 181.72 + Vat Order
HEXC-003 Heat Exchanger 130,000 BTU 1860 g.p.h. 199.10 + Vat Order
HEXC-004 Heat Exchanger 170,000 BTU 2460 g.p.h. 216.84 + Vat Order
HEXC-006 Heat Exchanger 230,000 BTU 3900 g.p.h. 255.12 + Vat Order
HEXC-008 Heat Exchanger 460,000 BTU 11460 g.p.h. 522.98 + Vat Order

We can supply Rolls of PTFE thread tape:

SKU Description


PTFE-01 Roll of PTFE thread tape 0.73 + Vat Order


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