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Electrical and Heating

Naturally, and it should go without saying - but we will still say so, it is extremely important in the interests of safety for all concerned, that care must be taken when installing, or connecting any electrical appliance or accessory.

If you are unsure then for goodness sake call in your local Electrician to do the job for you .. and again remember that Safety is a total priority.

Electrical and Heating needs for Koi ponds
Always use caution with any electrical appliance. Think about your family and other people who may have access to the equipment in your absence - probably following your own instructions - so please act responsibly where electricity and water are concerned.

Winter can be very long and harsh for our Koi, an increasing number of Koi keepers are heating their ponds for the following reasons:
  • Very low temperatures are avoided - causing less stress and associated health problems - Temperature fluctuations are avoided once again causing less stress to your Koi

  • Koi emerge from the long winter into spring considerably stronger and reducing mortality rates at this time of year when they most often occur

  • Your Koi's immune system is not suppressed

  • Biological filter systems remain active throughout the winter months avoiding the long start up process in the spring.

  • Last but not least heating your pond allows the Koi keeper to enjoy their hobby throughout the winter months.

We have a comprehensive selection of heaters and electrical connectors to meet your needs. 

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