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Electrical Switches & Connectors


One of the most popular products we are asked for are the Multi-Switches - and so we feature these first in this electrical components section of our web site.

Please note: These Multi-Switch Boxes are not suitable for use with High amperage equipment such as our Electric Pond Heaters etc.

2-way switch

3-way switch

4-way switch
 2 Way Multi-Switch 3 Way Multi-Switch  4 Way Multi-Switch
All Multi-Switches come with power indicator light.  Click on an image to enlarge.
If you are unsure then for goodness sake call in your local Electrician to do the job for you.

Don't Mess About with Electricity ... if you are unsure then for goodness sake - call in an Electrician - better safe than sorry


SKU Description


MUL-102 2 Way Multi-Switch 24.10 + Vat Order
MUL-103 3 Way Multi-Switch 27.72 + Vat Order
MUL-104 4 Way Multi-Switch 37.12 + Vat Order
MUL-105 5 Way Multi-Switch 49.89 + Vat Order
MUL-201 1.6amp Fuses  (pack of 10) 5.25 + Vat Order
MUL-203 3.15amp Fuses  (pack of 10) 5.78 + Vat Order
MUL-206 6.3amp Fuses  (pack of 10) 6.07 + Vat Order

More Electric Boxes from Yamitsu

Electrical Connectors:

Electrical connections, especially where water is concerned, is again of paramount importance and care must always be taken to ensure not only your own safety - but the safety of your Koi, and others, at the same time ... 

The connectors that we show on our web site are as good as anything that is on the market and offer the maximum of safety to the limits that they are designed for ...


Three Way Multi Switch Box from Yamitsu - each circuit has its own LED testing button - so you can always be sure that circuit is working - or if the fuse has blown ..



Four Way Multi Switch Box from Yamitsu - each circuit has its own LED testing button - so you can always be sure that circuit is working - or if the fuse has blown ..




Multi Electric Connection Boxes from Yamitsu

Multi Electric Connection Boxes from Yamitsu




Weatherproof Cable Connector

KU Description


1way-kk 1 Way Switch Box from Yamitsu 13.00 + Vat Order
3way-kk 3 Way Multi-Switch Box from Yamitsu 20.52 + Vat Order
4way-kk 4 Way Multi-Switch Box from Yamitsu 29.78 + Vat Order
Mul-Con-KK Multi-Connection Box from Yamitsu 13.90 + Vat Order
Cab-Con Weatherproof Cable Connector from Yamitsu 7.99 + Vat Order
KK-FUSE Fuses (pack of 10) from Yamitsu 5.65 + Vat Order

Weather Proof Cable Connector VCC-131 OASE, Waterproof Cable Connector
This Connector is for above ground use - weatherproof but not to be submerged - don't play around with Electrics .. be sure-be safe.

Underwater Cable Junction UKK 1 K Connection: 1 inlet/1 outlet for cable 7-14 mm , 4 terminals and earth.

SKU Description


WCC-131 Weather Proof Cable Connector 8.56 + Vat Order
UKK1/5/51335 OASE Waterproof Connector 30.24 + Vat Order


Ever got half way through a job, usually at night or at the weekend to find that the one piece of useful everyday equipment you need is missing from the tool kit? CABLE TIES! They make the job in hand so much more neat and tidy. I think that we have all forgotten them at some time or other it and its so frustrating having to put the job on hold for another day.cable ties are inexpensive but oh so handy, so why not stock up on a couple of packs now while you think on


SKU Description


CT-FIX-100  Cable Ties 150mm - 3.6mm    (pack of 100) 2.15 + Vat Order
CT-FIX-102  Cable Ties 203mm - 3.6mm    (pack of 100) 2.52 + Vat Order
CT-FIX-104  Cable Ties 190mm - 4.8mm    (pack of 100) 2.67 + Vat Order
CT-FIX-106  Cable Ties 280mm - 4.8mm    (pack of 100) 5.78 + Vat Order
CT-FIX-108  Cable Ties 203mm - 7.6mm    (pack of 100) 7.50 + Vat Order

  Blagdon - Powersafe Switchboxes

SKU Description


MUL-312 Blagdon 2 way Switchbox 30.12 + Vat Order
MUL-313 Blagdon 3 way Switchbox 34.21 + Vat Order
MUL-314 Blagdon 4 way Switchbox 46.41 + Vat Order
MUL-315 Blagdon 5 way Switchbox 62.37 + Vat Order

The Powersafe switch boxes from Blagdon have under gone a complete re-designing program to ensure that the Powersafe boxes are not only of the best quality with their many innovative features but also of the best value.

Designed for a safe pond side and garden electrical connections.

Each Powersafe switch box has at a glance unique power on and power standby indicator lights. Each outlet is individually fused with clear power application identity labels for each switch included. Specifically designed to be weather proof for outdoor use.

They are simple to install and can be wall or post mounted and come with their own bracket and fixings. The large housing with simple to remove circuit board is made for easy wiring.


   PowerSafe Circuit Breaker


SKU Description


PCB-551 PowerSafe Circuit Breaker 16.56 + Vat Order





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