ProClear Ultima &

Pro Pond 110

Don't put up with cloudy green water obscuring the view of your prize Koi any longer... The Pro Clear Ultima UV unit is one of the simplest water clarifying systems. Blasts of UV light kill the green, single-cell, water-borne algae particles that make garden ponds murky and unattractive. There is no use of chemicals in this ingenious process, meaning that sensitive plant and pond life is left undisturbed. The Pro Clear Ultima system won't pollute the pond in any way, and there is no danger of over-treatment.


The Pro Clear Ultima is easy to install – the unit is weatherproof but not waterproof.

The unit comes with 5 metres of power cable. To prevent any chance of the unit inadvertently being dropped into the pond we strongly recommend that it is securely mounted at least 2 metres from the edge of the pond. All other cabling to the unit should also be kept to a minimum length. The Ultima is designed to be positioned either on its base on a raised surface or attached horizontally to a vertical surface using the brackets provided. It must not be submerged in water or placed in a position where water may collect round the unit.

The Ultima requires very little routine maintenance – as green water is usually only a problem during the spring and summer months the sterilizing lamp/tube needs only to be replaced once a year.

It is essential that the Ultima is protected from frost, so we would recommend that the unit be disconnected from both the water and electricity supply during the winter months, drained and stored indoors.

When ready to reconnect the unit in the spring the quartz sleeve needs to be checked for debris and algae residue, it is good practice to clean the sleeve two or three times a year during use. If algae and debris are allowed to build up round it, it will inhibit the penetration of ultraviolet light into the water and affect the efficiency of the unit.

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