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Experience and strengths

SECOH SANGYO CO. LTD located in Japan, has been manufacturing electromagnetic diaphragm pumps since its establishment in 1966.

Thanks to many years of experience, continual research and development, SECOH products are always up-to-date.

Hi Blow Secoh Airtech Medo
Medo   Hi-Flow Koi Air

Thanks to completely rationalized production and constant quality control, a high degree of precision is always ensured with this high-performance pump, which runs at a very low noise level and with a practically pulsation-free discharge.

We are now please to able to Offer a range of these superb Air Pumps to our own customers throughout the world .. a real solution to your Air requirements ... and with a Spares Kit readily available ... and that is worth a lot in any language.... please Note that The East Riding Koi Co Ltd -are one of the UK's main stockists of the Whole Secoh Range of Air pumps and spares ..

Pump JDK-40 JDK-50 JDK-60 JDK-80 EL-100 EL-120S
Optimal Pressure 0.15 bar 0.15 bar 0.15 bar 0.15 bar 0.2 bar 0.2 bar
Flow 65 l/min 72 l/min 75 l/min 80 l/min 145 l/min 210 l/min
Sound Level 33 db (A) 36 db (A) <41 db (A) <41 db (A) 38 db (A) 44 db (A)
Max Power 36W 42w 32w 45w 119w @200mbar 135w @200mbar
Dims LxWxH mm 221x177x200 221x177x200 214x185x211 214x185x211 268x201x216 268x201x216
Connection mm 19mm 19mm 19mm 19mm 19mm 19mm
Weight kg 4.5 kg 4.5 kg 6.5 kg 6.5 kg 8.5 kg 9 kg

SKU Description


Air-JDK-40 Secoh JDK-40 108.50 + Vat Order
Air-JDK-50 Secoh JDK-50 125.00 + Vat Order
Air-JDK-60 Secoh JDK-60 166.95 + Vat Order
Air-JDK-80 Secoh JDK-80 205.00 + Vat Order
Air-JDK-100 Secoh JDK-100 244.73 + Vat Order
Air-JDK-120s Secoh JDK-120-S 316.95 + Vat Order
Air-JDK-150s Secoh JDK-150-S 365.00 + Vat Order
Air-JDK-200s Secoh JDK-200-S 415.00 + Vat Order
Air-JDK-250s Secoh JDK-250-S 550.00 + Vat Order

Also Available we have spare Air Taps .. these are most useful and always handy and very cheap to buy - so why not have one or two just in case.

Air Taps available separately

SKU Description


Air-AAC-621 6mm Air Tap 1.35 each +Vat Order
Pump EL-120-W EL-150-W EL-200-W EL-250-W
Optimal Pressure 0.25 bar 0.25 bar 0.25 bar 0.25 bar
Open Flow 225 l/min 265 l/min 210 l/min 390 l/min
Sound Level 39 db (A) 41 db (A) 43 db (A) 45 db (A)
Max Power 131w @200mbar 170w @200mbar 237w @200mbar 270w @200mbar
Dims LxWxH mm 268.5X357X228 268.5x357x228 268.5x357x228 268.5x357x228
Connection mm 27mm 27mm 27mm 27mm
Weight kg 16 kg 16 kg 16 kg 16 kg

We also can offer a Full Spares kit for the above Secoh  Air Pumps .. something that is almost impossible to obtain for certain other well known brands of Air Pumps .......

Single Linear Air Pumps......

Secoh Air Pump Service Kit Required Magnet Required   Filters Diaphragms
SLL 40 SE1 SE4 Magnet SE8 SE21
SLL 50 SE1 SE4 Magnet SE8 SE21
EL 60 SE2 SE16 Magnet SE3 SE20
EL 80-15 SE2 SE16 Magnet SE3 SE20
EL 100 SE2 SE9 Magnet SE3 SE20
EL 120 S SE10 SE15 Magnet SE3 SE25
EL 150 S SE10 SE15 Magnet SE3 SE25

Twin Linear Air Pumps......     Note; to service both sides of a Twin Linear pump you need below X 2

Secoh Air Pump Service Kit Required Magnet Required   Filters Diaphragms
EL 120 W SE2 SE16 Magnet SE3 SE20
EL 150W SE2 SE9 Magnet SE3 SE20
EL 200W SE2 SE9 Magnet SE3 SE20
EL 250W SE10 SE15 Magnet SE3 SE25

SKU Description


 Air-SSK-SE1 Secoh Service Kit SE1 39.50 + Vat Order
 Air-SSK-SE2 Secoh Service Kit SE2 59.65 + Vat Order
 Air-SSK-SE10 Secoh Service Kit SE10 63.80 + Vat Order
 Air-MAG-SE4 Secoh Magnet SE4 24.50 + Vat Order
 Air-MAG-SE16 Secoh Magnet SE16 28.00 + Vat Order
 Air-MAG-SE9 Secoh Magnet SE9 65.80 + Vat Order
 Air-MAG-SE15 Secoh Magnet SE15 88.20 + Vat Order
 Air-FIL-SE8 Secoh Filters SE8 3.92 + Vat Order
 Air-FIL-SE3 Secoh Filters SE3 7.28 + Vat Order
 Air-DIA-SE21 Secoh Diaphragms SE21 17.15 + Vat Order
 Air-DIA-SE20 Secoh Diaphragms SE20 21.00 + Vat Order
 Air-DIA-SE24 Secoh Diaphragms SE24 25.20 + Vat Order
 Air-DIA-SE25 Secoh Diaphragms SE25 33.99 + Vat Order
Please Note: We recommend that Diaphragms are changed yearly on Air pumps, particularly if you do not have an air pressure release valve on your pump. It is advised that you purchase a full service kit for the Secoh air pump every three years, Air pumps tend to be running 24 hours day 7 days a week, 365 days a year - that's 8,736 hours a year!! As with anything if you look after it, it will last....Don't expect to neglect and get respect.....

We at the East Riding Koi Co do not recommend or guarantee our range of Secho pumps or parts for sewage or small treatment plant application as advised by our suppliers. 

SECOH Linear diaphragm blowers are ideal for continuous airflow at low-pressure applications. However, various factors in a pond aeration system create resistance to airflow such as the inside diameter of airline, blocked air stones & diffusers, restrictions in fittings & connections & water depth. It is very important to consider these points when using EL-Series SECOH pumps due to their superior airflow at greater water depths. 

The optimal pressure range at which SECOH pumps can run permanently without any risk is 0.20 bar (2.0m water depth) with airflow performance ranging from 20 l/min to 200 l/min.  

To provide your pump with some protection against backpressure, we suggest installing a back pressure gauge & pressure relief valve in the pumps discharge line. This allows the pump to return to a safe design pressure by venting excess pressure to the atmosphere. A similar effect can be achieved by installing a back pressure gauge in the pumps discharge line and by leaving unused taps open on a gang valve to vent excess pressure to atmosphere.  

To ensure many years of trouble free use, always read the instruction manual supplied with this SECOH air pump carefully, ensuring all periodic maintenance schedules are performed.

To ensure that you are not producing too much air with you pump, which is in excess of the air supply you are needing it is best to fit one of these special Pressure Gauges.

You will be able to see at a glance what air pressure you are using - and it will without any doubt extend the life and capability of your Air Pump ...  this will fit in line on Any make of Air pump ..


SKU Description


 Air-AP-PG1 Air Pressure Gauge - fits all Air Pumps 44.80 + Vat Order


We NOW HAVE something that you will all NEED ... and to save you blowing those diaphragm - we can now supply a PRESSURE RELEASE VALVE - this fits between the Air Pump and the Manifold.. no tools or skill needed ..  highly recommended

SKU Description


Air-AP-RV1 Air Pressure Release Valves - fits all Air Pumps 44.80 + Vat Order

Also Available From Us are the Heavyweight Champions in Air Distribution Manifolds for use with Air Diffuser Bottom Drains and The NeXus Filtration Systems
Click here for further details

Spares for the Kam Air - Hi-Blow and Air Tech Air Pumps - see the exploded view to identify the parts you require... click here

Shipping & Packing charges on UK Mainland
10.00 inc Vat - less if possible

The East Riding Koi Co. Ltd does not guarantee
air pumps for any use other than for ponds and aquarium systems



Please contact us if we can help in any matter <sales@koicarp.net>