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Medo Air Pumps

  • Energy Saving
    Highly efficient blower.
  • Quite Technology
    High performance sound proofing.
  • Easy Maintenance
    Only one screwdriver is needed for filter replacement.
  • No Lubrication
    Completely oil less operation makes air always dry and clean.
  • Temperature Rise Restraint
    Energy saving design greatly reduces heating effect.
  • Long Service Life
    Life expectancy is continuous 10,000 hours.
  • Light, Compact
    Compact and ready-to-use design.
  • Easy Installation
    No earthing/grounding work is required.
Medo Pumps Group

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These Superb Medo Air Pumps are Fast Becoming the Brand Leaders.  For the Koi and Pond Keeper and we have no hesitation in recommending their use. 

The Most Popular Air Pump in the range and suitable for the Novice and the Koi Enthusiast alike ... capable of powering up to 6 x 2" air stones or 2 x bottom drain diffusers.

Medo LA-45 Medo LA-80   Medo LA-120
Medo LA-45
(45 lpm)
Medo LA-80
(80 lpm)
  Medo LA-120
(120 lpm)

Medo Information CLICK HERE

In our opinion without doubt the best air pump for use in a septic tank and small sewage treatment systems is one of the Medo range of air pumps.

As these pumps are piston driven without the normal traditional air pump diaphragms that are very prone to failing when applied in this situation.

SKU Description


Air-AAPMLA-45 Medo LA-45 126.78 + Vat Order
Air-APMLA-80 Medo LA-80 212.34 + Vat Order
Air-APMLA-120 Medo LA-120 369.75 + Vat Order
SKU Description


Air-APU-804 Medo 45 - Replacement Filter Foam 3.88 + Vat Order
Air-APU-808 Medo 80 - Replacement Filter Foam 5.76 + Vat Order
Air-APU-812 Medo 120 - Replacement Filter Foam 11.52 + Vat Order
SKU Description


Air-APU-824 Medo 45 - Service Kit 33.16 + Vat Order
Air-APU-828 Medo 80 - Service Kit 62.04 + Vat Order
Air-APU-832 Medo 120 - Service Kit 109.69 + Vat Order

* + Vat in UK and EEC
* Carriage on UK Mainland 10.00
* Overseas shipping charges will be notified prior to shipping of order.
Of course you are going to need a first class and high quality distribution Manifold - Look no further. These manifolds illustrated are the very best and most robust air distribution manifolds available anywhere.  If you are going to use the Medo air pumps with " and above Air line or air hose you will need a heavy duty manifold CLICK HERE Heavy Duty Air Manifolds


We NOW HAVE something that you will all NEED ... and to save you blowing those diaphragm - we can now supply a PRESSURE RELEASE VALVE - this fits between the Air Pump and the Manifold.. no tools or skill needed ..

SKU Description


Air-AP-RV1 Air Pressure Release Valves - fits all Air Pumps 44.80 + Vat Order

Shipping & Packing charges on UK Mainland
10.00 inc Vat - less if possible

The East Riding Koi Co. Ltd does not guarantee
air pumps for any use other than for ponds and aquarium systems




Please contact us if we can help in any matter <sales@koicarp.net>