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The Original  Set-Up:

This was the Main Pond and it contained 24,000 gallons.

The Home of
'High' Quality Japanese Koi.

The pond itself was constructed using 6" Hollow concrete blocks - these were in turn filled with a sloppy concrete mixture to ensure that it ran well into the hollow sections. The pond is 6ft 6" deep at the deepest part and the whole of the bottom of the pond is contoured to various levels to make viewing of the Koi easy on the eye.

It has Four 4" bottom drains which transfer the water to the Prime Vortex unit which together with the other filter units, U.V's and pumps are housed within the building that you can see at the back of the actual pond, and which is shown below, From the prime Vortex the water is then split into two banks of four more Vortex Units and the filter media is totally 'Japanese Matting'. The actual Vortex Units are 6ft tall and 54" in diameter with transfer pipework in 6" to ensure maximum flows through the vortex units and back via 2 x 60wt Ultra Violet Sterilizers to the Four separate pumps we use to return the water to the pond. Two of these are the latest pumps produced by ESPA (Sniper 50's) and push water back to the two main water falls via two individual vegetable filter units at a height of 12 ft at over 3,000 gph. The other two pumps pushing water back to the pond are ITT Marlow's and run to two Venturi's - one at surface water level - the other 2 ft below the surface - each delivering approximately 2,500 gph.

We also have Two Surface Skimmer Boxes fitted into the sides of the pond from which surface dirt, floating leaves etc, is pulled back to the filter house by an ITT Marlow 3/4 hp dry surface pump which then forces the water on its return to the pond ,to yet another vegetable filter and waterfall, though a Sand Pressure Filter (see 'Sand filters') and another 60wt 'Yamitsu' U.V. (see U.V's page)

The Photograph on the right here shows the layout of the banks of Vortex Units in the filter house - we are sorry that there is so little to see - but as soon as we can place a new (and better) photo here we will do so.

It will still nevertheless give you some idea of the actual size of the Units themselves. The pipe-work runs that are visible are to take the discharge water direct to the sewer system.


Waterfall   Here is a 'Close-up View' of  one of the water falls - this water fall is the center waterfall of the three that serve the pond. The rockwork is 'Yorkshire Lime Stone' and we actually used over 75 ton of it to construct our waterfalls and complete the landscaping.

The stone, where it comes in contact with the water, was especially treated to prevent any likelihood of lime washing out of the rocks and into the water.....

On the right we show a photograph of the 'Archway' that was built under one of the waterfalls and is accessed across a small bridge that has been constructed over one of the narrow inlets to the main pond and this allows access through to the back and to where our Quarantine Unit and Growing-On Units are located.   Archway

Filter House   This photograph is of the main Filter House when it was completed - this today is much more weathered and has beautiful creeping vines and clematis covering the front, - the same goes for all the rockery plants seen in the photographs - today several years on they are now fully mature.

The photograph below shows the 'Indoor Heated Quarantine Unit' where most of the new arrivals are placed under strict control to ensure that they are free of all problems and stress before they were sold to the customers.

The photograph on the Right and Below Show the 'Growing-On Unit' which holds 8,600 galls and because of the extensive 'Filtration Units' (which are again All Vortex Units using Japanese Matting - they can accommodate up to 200 Koi of varying sizes - anywhere from 3" right up to 26".

The water is heated during the winter months and kept at a constant 63 degree's using a 'Waterline' Heat Exchanger (which we will be giving full details of later) with water drawn off via a 'Surface Skimmer'

The U.V. used on this system is a 'Pro-Clear' 55wt which is capable of clearing 'Green Water' (in a true Koi Pond) of up to 10,000 gals. - see our page on U.V's for further details.

  'Growing-On Unit'


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