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Photographs of the Construction of
the 24,000 gallon pond at the Previous location of the Company


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East Riding Koi Co - 1990

East Riding Koi Co - 1990 East Riding Koi Co - 1990

Our Original Pond
(Note flat, boring, garden)

Excavations on the way,
templates in place for footings

Old base clearly visible on this photo

pond4.gif (106602 bytes) pond5.gif (90084 bytes) pond6.gif (51517 bytes)

Closer look at the build up
of rocks and archway

Rear view of 'support' wall
nicknamed the 'Flamborough Wall'

Walls up - and floor rough laid
-old base still visible
pond7.gif (54378 bytes) pond9.gif (51111 bytes) pond8.gif (55402 bytes)

Similar photo to previous
- different angle

The construction a little further on
- note shelves for rocks

Paths round perimeter almost complete
pond10.gif (56002 bytes) pond11.gif (58224 bytes) pond12.gif (47345 bytes)

Pond ready for filling - note
Black G4 paint to
bottom of pond.

The Filters - 9 x vortex units in place before the roof
structure is built.

Another view of the actual
vortex filters.
pnd3s_~1.jpg (19757 bytes) pond14.gif (117839 bytes) pond15.gif (128202 bytes)

Watercourses and Archway almost built - and masses
of rocks !

Filter House almost completed
Vortex Units 'bubbling' well
pond16.gif (129205 bytes) pond17.gif (130542 bytes) pond18.gif (98202 bytes)

Filter House finished

Pond filled and running

Note all the bear rock !
pond19.gif (129192 bytes) pond21.gif (140519 bytes) pond22.gif (145225 bytes)

Pond Viewed from Waterfalls

The same view later - on with rustic bridge in place

Waterfall 1 - bridge and steps
to Vegetable filters

pond23.gif (114786 bytes)

The Finished Pond in those early days - viewed from roof of dwelling house - 'Not too bad eh whot ?' But it does of course look much better now that the plants, tree's and everything have become established - photo taken summer of 1992



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