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The Extensions at the previous home of The East Riding Koi Co ..

orchard1.bmp (165702 bytes)   These additional facilities helped provide a much greater selection of Koi than ever before ....

It provided 6 more ponds / Tanks ready for the 1999 season holding an additional 7,000 gallons of water... in excess of our other Ponds & Tanks which already hold 36,000 gallons ...

These new ponds helped enable valued customers to browse in much more comfort and time to select choice Koi for their own ponds...

That's not all !

When these extensions were  completed during 1999 it helped to make The East Riding Koi Co Ltd one of the largest Japanese Koi Outlets in the North of England with more water and more Koi than many of our competitors .....


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  The photo on the left shows once again our superb 24,000 gallon landscaped pond .. this pond has 3 large waterfalls and may we refer you to the photographs section to view the filtration system that was installed on this pond ..  completed in July 1992

It has been running without any major problem since that time ..  and has been acclaimed many times as one of the best ponds in the United Kingdom, some say the whole of Europe .. and the company were of course very proud of that pond which visitors were always welcomed to call and see it for themselves..



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